Our team has a long and strong experience in compressed air and pneumatics. We used to sell compressors, pneumatic components, pipings, service and analysis work. But it all didn’t quite match the need that we saw there was. 


We executed dozens of compressed air analysis projects which all led to a list of things to be done for the improvement of the system. But there’s a conflict when you’re suggesting repairing actions and selling products at the same time.


It was clear that our greatest asset is the versatile experience in compressed air and especially knowing the whole system – not just the devices or the components. We wanted to start thinking about the solutions more from the customers’ point of view.


In every single project and service we make, we strive to find the best solutions to build the most effective and reliable compressed air systems to our customers. We don’t sell products – we offer solutions. This is why we don’t represent any brands.

Our values give us the passion for our work


We want our employees to feel good and enjoy their work and the customer to feel comfortable while doing co-operation with our staff.

It is for the best of us all, when we remember to take care of our well-being. 


We have a lot of trust in what we do and also do our job in a trustworthy relation with all our customers and partners. That is self-evident.

We treasure this trust with all people and companies we work with.


We believe it is important not to be too serious, though. Everyone has the right to be happy and have fun, even if working professionally is expected.

We do our job with high attitude, but enjoy working with a smile on our face.


Vinergi operates as an objective partner for the improvement and optimization of energy, environment and production efficiency in industry.

Our special know-how is optimizing compressed air systems, which equals 10% of industry's total energy consumption.

Vinergi Oy


Pori, Finland 

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