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Olli Seppälä

Specialist / Co-founder

Olli has a versatile background in compressed air. He started his career as a technician and quickly moved on to sales and project management. He’s been working with compressed air energy saving projects for over ten years – both domestic and global. 

In Vinergi, Olli’s main responsibility is sales and customer service.

  • +358 40149 2972

Jani Halme

Specialist / Co-founder

Jani has worked with compressed air products and projects for almost 20 years and is especially experienced in pneumatics. He has been working with customer service for a long time and is also extremely competent in the field work that Vinergi does.

Jani is the senior specialist and the pneumatics main contact.

  • +358 50441 5181

Jussi Rouhikko

Specialist / Co-founder

Jussi has experience in compressed air and pneumatics for over 15 years. He has previously worked in their family company mainly in domestic sales and has been a big part of executing our most challenging compressed air energy projects.

In Vinergi, Jussi has a big role in our energy analysis projects.

  • +358 40550 2890

Vinergi Oy


Pori, Finland 

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